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Pharmaceutical Health Information System

The PHIS project aimed at increasing knowledge and exchange of information on pharmaceutical policies, in particular on pricing and reimbursement, in the EU Member States, covering both the outpatient and inpatient sector.

To obtain these goals, several results were delivered:

    1. PHIS Glossary with key terms related to pharmaceuticals
    2. PHIS Library, offering country specific information on outpatient and inpatient pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement for the EU Member States
    3. PHIS Indicators and PHIS Database, containing key data for the developed indicators in the EU Member States
    4. PHIS Hospital Pharma Report with information on pharmaceutical policies in the inpatient sector in the EU Member States, including a price survey
    5. PHIS network comprising national and European stakeholders in the field of pharmaceuticals


The project was funded by the European Commission under the call for proposals 2007 in the priority area “health information” together with Austrian Ministry of Health and ran in the years 2008-2011.