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The European Union Network for Patient Safety and Quality of Care

The European Union Network for Patient Safety and Quality of Care (PaSQ Joint Action) aims at supporting the implementation of the European Council Recommendations on Patient Safety.
To do so, it strengthened cooperation between EU Member States, international organizations and EU stakeholders on issues related to quality of healthcare, including patient safety and patient involvement.
This was achieved through:

  1. Sharing knowledge, experience and good practices by working with each other and with the Commission and relevant European and international bodies, and examining portability of these practices;
  2. Contributing to the implementation of selected good practices in Member States;
  3. Obtaining insight and mapping of patient safety and healthcare quality systems in Member States;
  4. Reflecting on principles of good quality in healthcare
  5. Building and/or consolidate a network of organizations for sustained collaboration in the field of patient safety and healthcare quality.

The main outcome of the Joint Action (launched in 2012) will be the consolidation of a permanent network for Patient Safety. This commitment expressed by the Member States will be enlarged to address quality issues and reinforced by assuring long-term Member States’ engagement in the PaSQ network, together with the European Commission.