HOPE, the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation, is a European non-profit organisation, created in 1966 representing national public and private hospital and healthcare associations and hospital, health and social care services owners. With 36 organisations from the 27 Member States of the European Union, the United-Kingdom, Switzerland and the Republic of Serbia, HOPE covers almost 80% of hospital care and is also active in the healthcare and social fields.

HOPE mission is to promote improvements in the health of citizens and a uniformly high standard of hospital care by the European Union, fostering efficiency, effectiveness and humanity in the organisation and operations of hospital and health services.

HOPE is representing its members in the European arena covering all policies with an impact on hospitals and health services. HOPE contributes to the legislative agenda but also to the non-legislative activities in particular through participation in European projects and joint actions.

Since its creation HOPE has produced comparative information on the ways healthcare systems are organised and financed. It includes as well a unique annual exchange programme for health professionals, together with study tours, workshops and conferences.

For further information about Members’ definition, please consult HOPE constitution.

Acting for Hospitals and Healthcare in Europe

Comparative Activity

Knowledge on hospitals in Europe is sparse and spread in different sources. To make easily available the core information and to give to the reader a vertical and a cross quantitative and qualitative overview on the main figures related to hospital activity HOPE collected data in three tools.

Hope Exchange Programme

HOPE promotes the exchange of knowledge and expertise within hospital and healthcare professionals at the EU level through a unique Exchange Programme. Its aim consists in leading to a better understanding of the functioning of healthcare and hospital systems within EU and neighbor countries, by facilitating cooperation and exchange of best practices.

Working area

HOPE actively monitors EU policies and legislations likely to have an impact on the organisation and operation of hospitals and healthcare services and provides input and the perspective of healthcare providers in arenas where these issues are debated.


This section contains all the documents HOPE published from its creation until today classified in several categories, in order to allow the readers to access easily the information they need.

European Projects

HOPE is involved in several EU funded projects as associate and collaborative partner. In the last years, the most recurrent topics have been Cross Border Cooperation, eHealth, Health Threats, Health Workforce, Patient Safety & Quality of Care and Promotion & Prevention.


HOPE has always participated to European debates as a speaker and as a participant.  HOPE is engaged to organize events also in collaboration with other European stakeholder organisations.


To know more about us, do not hesitate to directly contact our central office in Brussels.

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