Exchange Programme 2024

The HOPE Exchange Programme 2024 will start on 13 May and end on 9 June 2024.

The HOPE Agora 2024 will take place from 7 to 9 June 2024 and will focus on the topic “Keeping our health workforce”.

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Exchange Programme 

HOPE Comparative Activities

Europe, Healthcare & Hope

HOPE is representing its members in the European arena covering all policies with an impact on hospitals and health services. HOPE contributes to the legislative agenda but also to the non-legislative activities in particular through participation in European projects and joint actions. Since its creation HOPE has produced comparative information on the ways healthcare systems are organised and financed. It includes as well a unique annual exchange programme for health professionals, together with study tours, workshops and conferences

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HOPE Governors discuss their national COVID programmes and delivery, and the consequences of the pandemic on somatic and mental healthcare provision to non-COVID patients

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