President’s Committee


HOPE President’s Committee consists of the President, the Vice-President and three Governors. The President has the power to co-opt other representatives of HOPE delegations to contribute to the President’s Committee, without voting right. There can only be one member per country in the President’s Committee.

HOPE President and Vice-President are elected by the Board of Governors for a term of three years. The other members and co-opted members of the President’s Committee are nominated by the Board for a one-year term renewable.

The President’s Committee oversees the implementation and the execution of the Board of Governors’ decisions, coordinates the Working Parties’ work, acts for HOPE and authorises legal representation. The President’s Committee meets every three months.

Governor for Ireland

President 2023-2026

Mr. Francis DE DREE
Governor for Belgium

Vice-President 2023-2026

Dr. Urmas SULE
Governor for Estonia

President 2020-2023

  • Member of the President’s Committee
Governor for Denmark

President 2017-2020

  • Member of the President’s Committee
Mrs. Yolanda AGRA VARELA
Governor for Spain

Member of the President’s Committee

Dr. Jaroslaw J. FEDOROWSKI
Governor for Poland

Member of the President’s Committee