Improving care

One of HOPE missions is to promote improvements in the health of citizens throughout Europe and high standards of hospital care. This commitment goes hand in hand with ensuring people have access to good quality and safe healthcare, that is why patient safety and quality of care represent a long-standing focus of HOPE activities.

Integration of care

HOPE works to ensure healthcare is accessible and responsive to the needs of the population, including the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in the society. Integrated care services have a big role to play to enhance quality of care and quality of life as well as to improve system efficiency for patients with long term problems.

The document HOPE vision on integrated care, published in January 2017, outlines the complexity of this concept and describes different trends in the European Union regarding integration of care. It also provides recommendations for its effective implementation, which should not consist in a simple shift from inpatient to ambulatory and outpatient care, but requires investment in holistic care, including health promotion and ill health prevention strategies that support people’s health and well-being.

Response to health threats

Improving healthcare also means being prepared and responsive to health emergencies created by health threats such as communicable diseases or environmental and other disasters. This is an area where hospitals and healthcare services have an important role to play.

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