HOPE Agora 2023

hope Agora 2023



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2 June – 4 June 2023

Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton Brussels City

Rue Gineste 3,
1210 Brussels



Climate and Environment: Challenges for Hospitals and Healthcare Services



The theme for HOPE Agora 2023 is “Climate and Environment: Challenges for Hospitals and Healthcare Services”.

Climate and environment changes have profound impacts on human health due to an increasing air pollution, reduced food and water supply and quality, and more frequent and extreme weather events. Hospitals and healthcare services are strongly affected by these changes and have to develop resilience, by making adaptational changes.

HOPE Agora 2023 will focus on the other side of the coin: the impact hospitals and healthcare services have on the climate and the environment. This may stem from different sources such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical chemicals and gases, buildings, transports, textiles, food and energy.

In a context of accelerating global climate change and increasingly complex health systems, the ability for healthcare services to reduce their environmental impact is crucial to ensure a continuity of quality care in the future.

The conference will first host experts presenting different approaches at local, regional and national level. Then the HOPE Exchange Programme participants will bring back their learning following a four-week experience abroad. They are asked to identify up to three good practices, at national, regional and local level on how the healthcare sector is trying to reduce its impact on the climate and the environment.



  • To discuss the challenges hospitals and healthcare services pose for the climate and the environment;
  • To understand different approaches in monitoring this impact in European countries;
  • To exchange practical experiences on how healthcare organisations are reducing this impact.


Read the HOPE Agora 2023 Theme Guidance Document
 HOPE Agora 2023 Leaflet


Additional resource:Twelve factors supporting transfer of learning after participating in the HOPE Exchange Programme“, Bertil Selde Krogh, National HOPE Coordinator for Denmark.
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The HOPE Agora will start at 14.30 on Friday 2 June 2023 and finishes with the dinner on Saturday 3 June 2023.

A detailed programme of the event will be published here at a later date.

Participants and hosts Reports Material

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Download Form H2 – Questionnaire for the hosts after the Exchange Programme