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Ukraine – useful resources


European Union

All information is gathered on the page “EU solidarity with Ukraine“.

The European Commission created an information page for people fleeing the war in Ukraine with information on rights, travel options, national authorities to contact for temporary protection and which organisations are active in helping those fleeing Ukraine, as well as how to contact them.

Another page includes a section “How you can help” with a repertoire of the numerous organisations that have mobilised in the EU Member States to support people from Ukraine seeking protection in the EU. These include the national branches of international agencies, umbrella organisations and a range of other charitable and humanitarian bodies. It also lists the major relief organisations active on the ground that are coordinating assistance to Ukraine.

The page “EU Assistance to Ukraine” explains what the EU is doing at different level (humanitarian help, civil protection mechanism, emergency logistical hubs, temporary protection mechanism etc.)



In March 2022, WHO/Europe released information on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Humanitarian response in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

On 2 March, WHO/Europe also published the WHO Emergency appeal for Ukraine and neighbouring countries, an appeal detailing its resource needs for Ukraine and its surrounding countries for the next three months. With the funds sought, WHO aims to reach, in the next three months, 6 million people with essential health services including trauma care.

Furthermore part of the health response to the Ukraine’s emergency, the WHO Regional Office for Europe is publishing related content on its website WHO/Europe | Ukraine emergency with updates including weekly Situation Reports at Situation reports.

WHO/Europe is also producing Risk Communication and Community Engagement products based on social listening insights to provide public health advice to affected populations in and outside Ukraine. The products will be released on a weekly basis in different formats including social medial tiles, leaflets, posters and video clips. The target audiences vary from affected people and internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees, communities in refugee-receiving countries, health workers, aid organisations and volunteers. Weekly topics are identified according to listening insights and needs on the ground.  

Please find below the Risk Communication and Community Engagement products published recently.

Links to social media tiles published on WHO channels:   

– Reporting misconduct: FB: English – Ukrainian Twitter: Ukrainian   

– Severe stress management: FB: English 1 English 2 – Ukrainian 1 –  Ukrainian 2  Twitter:  Ukrainian   

– Breastfeeding: FB: Ukrainian 1– Ukrainian 2 Twitter: English – Ukrainian  

– Attacks on health: Twitter: English Ukrainian

– Reporting misconduct: Facebook EnglishUkrainian