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Welcome to the HOPE Agora 2018 !

From 3 to 5 June 2018, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) welcomed the HOPE Agora 2018 in Stockholm. The conference closed the 2018 HOPE Exchange Programme.

The focus of the conference was on patient involvement as a tool for improving healthcare. The participants in the HOPE exchange programme showed how the quality and efficiency of healthcare can be improved by using the experiences and competencies of patients and their relatives. But the participants were also supposed to point at factors that stimulate or constrain patient involvement in healthcare.

In addition to these presentations made by the HOPE exchange programme participants, some invited speakers also gave their perspectives on the topic.

HOPE Agora

Since 1981, HOPE has organised an Exchange Programme for hospital professionals. The HOPE Exchange Programme is pivotal in achieving HOPE objective of promoting the exchange of knowledge and expertise within the European Union. It offers a chance for participants to receive invaluable training and experience from hospital and healthcare professionals across Europe. It equips participants with a better understanding of the functioning of healthcare and hospital systems within Europe. It also facilitates shared learning and the exchange of best practice.

The HOPE Exchange Programme lasts for approximately one month. At the end of the programme, all participants are invited to share their results at the HOPE Agora. The theme of this year is “Improving the quality of healthcare using the experiences and competencies of patients: Are we ready?”. Participants investigated how this topic is developed in their host country and presented their findings at the event.
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The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR), in Swedish Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting (SKL), is the Swedish member of HOPE. The Swedish healthcare system is decentralized and mainly tax funded. In Sweden, the county councils/regions finance a very large part of health care and also provide most of the services.

Participant’s Reports Material

The following material can be useful to the participants:

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The HOPE Agora 2018 took place at Quality Hotel Globe in Stockholm on 3-5 June 2018. The focus of the conference was on patient participation as a tool for improving healthcare. The participants on the exchange programme reported back and discussed the results of their stay abroad. In addition, some invited speakers also gave their perspectives on the topic.
HOPE Agora 2018 Brief Summary

All events took place at Quality Hotel Globe, except for the dinner on Monday 4th June that was be served at Fotografiska.

The conference including the World Café took place in the meeting room Stjärnrummet (floor 11).

Preliminary programme

Sunday 3 June

 14.00-18.00     Registration (outside Stjärnrummet floor 11)

13.00-16.30     Possibility for the delegations to finish their presentations (Room: Vintergatan floor 11)

15.00-17.00     Meeting with HOPE Liaison Officers (Room: Pluto)

18.00 (at the latest) Country presentations should be delivered to the registration desk (floor 11)

18.30-20.00     Welcome reception: Opening of HOPE Agora 2018 (Room: Vintergatan floor 11)

Monday 4 June

08.30-10:45     Registration (outside Stjärnrummet floor 11)

09.00-09.10     Welcome: Eva M. Weinreich-Jensen, President of HOPE and Hans Karlsson, Director of SALAR’s Health and Social Care Division


09.10-09.55     Cristin Lind, Neha Sharma and Hans Lindqvist, Patient Partnership Facilitators at QRC Stockholm: ”From for to with: improving health care together with patients”     Ida Björkman, Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Gothenburg Centre for Person-centred Care (GPCC): Benefits of person centred care”

10:15-10:45     Coffee

SALAR’s work on user-driven development and patient participation

10:45-11:05     Sofie Zetterström, Deputy CEO of Inera: “Digital solutions that support patient participation”  

11:05-11:25     Sara Tunheden, Project Manager at SALAR: ”Innovationsguiden – the use of design thinking to improve public services” short movie

11:25-12:20     First round of country presentations (5 presentations à 12 minutes):

Denmark, Germany, France, Hungary, Serbia

12:30-13:30     Lunch

Two patient perspectives

13:30-13.50     Patrik Blomqvist, Patient Supporter at the unit for self-dialysis at Ryhov Hospital, Jönköping: ”Dialysis on the patient’s own terms” short movie

13:50-14.10     Åsa Steinsaphir, User Involvement Coordinator at North Stockholm Psychiatry: ”Patient experience as a competence”

14:10-15.10     Second round of presentations (5 presentations à 12 minutes):

United Kingdom, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Estonia

15.10-15.40     Coffee

15.40-16.40     Third round of presentations (5 presentations à 12 minutes):

Finland, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland

16.40-17.30     Meeting with HOPE National Coordinators (Room: Stjärnrummet)  

19:00               Dinner at Fotografiska (address: Stadsgårdshamnen 22)

Tuesday 5 June

09.00-10.00     Fourth round of presentations (5 presentations à 12 minutes):

Slovenia, Austria, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden

10.00-10.30     Coffee

10.30-12.30     World Café

12.30-12.45     Prize Giving Ceremony and Close of HOPE Agora 2018: Pascal Garel, CEO of HOPE

12:45-14:00     Lunch

14:00 -17:00   Meeting with HOPE Board of Governors (Room: Pluto)